Access for All


Access for All - UEFA and CAFE Good Practice Guide to Creating an Accessible Stadium and Matchday Experience


Access for AllThe UEFA and CAFE good practice guide - 'Access for All' - is now available.


Launched in September 2011 at our European conference 'Total Football, Total Access', the guide can be downloaded in:

English, French, Russian, German, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Serbian, Croatian, Romanian and Greek.


An accessible version in English is also available.


The UEFA and CAFE Access for All guide sets out the minimum requirements at football stadiums based on European standards. It offers practical advice and solutions to assist football clubs and national associations in delivering accessible facilities and services at both new and existing stadia and to ensure that they are accessible, inclusive and welcoming for all.


The authors of this publication have tried to create a structure that mirrors a walk-through of a stadium on matchday. However, the intention is also that each section can be consulted individually. We hope you enjoy this publication and find it helpful for making improvements at your stadiums, new and old.


If you have any queries regarding 'Access for All', please feel free to email us at