Our approach is to take away existing barriers. We use 'total access' as our focus, harnessing the power of sport to act as a catalyst for disability-inclusive change in wider society.


Total access to experiencing live sport

We actively explore every element of the match day experience from all accessibility angles, from making the ticketing system accessible to learning and intellectually disabled fans to providing audio-descriptive-commentary for blind and partially sighted fans. Our support of the Disability Access Officer role across more than 50 countries means that a focus on inclusion is increasingly central to sports organisations worldwide.


Total access to empowerment for disabled fans

Disabled stakeholders are at the heart of all our work and we support the creation of disabled supporter associations in countries across the globe, empowering fans to take their place at the heart of live sport. Thanks to the increasing number of Disabled Supporters Associations worldwide, disabled fans are making positive and inclusive change in their local clubs, national leagues and global tournaments.


Total access to knowledge and information

We provide industry-leading, innovative guidance for fans and sports organisations. Our 'Access for all' guide is the international blueprint for creating inclusive and accessible experiences at stadiums. All of our work is driven by evidence-based research and user-led feedback, combined with years of expertise in accessibility at sports stadiums.


Total access to a disability-inclusive world

We partner with organisations across live sport, from smaller leagues through to national associations and international bodies, supporting them to put access, opportunity and experience for every single disabled person at the centre of what they do. Our support assists organisations with their commitments to a number of the UN’s Sustainable Development goals, from reducing inequalities to ensuring decent work and economic growth. Removing the barriers to accessing live sport - such as developing accessible public transport, parking and accommodation - benefits everyone, from the businesses surrounding stadiums to disabled people outside of the sporting world.


Total access to a sustainable environment and climate for all

We are committed to working in a sustainable way to reduce our impact on the ongoing climate crisis. We also support the integration of accessibility at the design stage of new and renovating sports infrastructure, to create more sustainable venues from the earliest opportunity.

Disabled people are disproportionately affected by climate change, due to potential increased vulnerability to extreme climate events, and also to limited access to knowledge, resources, and services to effectively respond to environmental change. As part of our climate commitment, CAFE is reflecting upon how we run our trainings and workshops, and how we may be able to reduce our impact on the environment in the long term.

Our vision is a world where disabled people are a key part of the global sporting landscape, as fans, employees, volunteers and leaders, so that everyone has equal opportunities to contribute in an accessible, inclusive and welcoming environment.

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