We are here for all disabled sports fans.

Live sport provides an amazing and positive experience, and everyone deserves access to that.

We work with disabled fans and stakeholders, empowering them to take their place at the heart of live sport as fans, employees, volunteers and leaders, and to make positive and inclusive change in their local clubs, national leagues and global tournaments.

We partner with organisations across live sport, from smaller leagues through to national associations and international bodies, supporting them to put access, opportunity and experience for every single disabled person at the centre of what they do.

Removing the barriers to accessing live sport benefits everyone. Our vision is a world where everyone has equal opportunities to contribute to the sporting landscape as part of an accessible, inclusive and welcoming environment.

In 2009, UEFA funded the creation of a new, independent organisation to advise them on the greater integration of disabled people in football.

CAFE was established with the objective of enabling more disabled fans to attend live football matches across the UEFA region. CAFE aims to support the improvement of accessible facilities and services at stadiums, raise further awareness around access and inclusion within the game, offer advice to disabled football fans and establish a network of disabled supporter groups.

Since 2009, CAFE has continued to change the lives of disabled people across Europe through the unique power of sport - one of the world's greatest unifying forces.

There are over one billion disabled people alive today, and live sport continues to recognise why the topic is so important. On matchdays, experiences of disabled people continue to improve with the creation and development of accessible seating, as well as the implementation of dedicated matchday services such as audio-descriptive commentary.

More disabled fans than ever are now able to enjoy live sport alongside their friends and family. Clubs, leagues and national associations are increasingly aware of the importance of access and inclusion, and governing bodies have outlined their commitment to a game that is accessible, inclusive and welcoming for all.

Sport as an industry is also becoming more accessible and inclusive. Disabled people have many important roles to play across the game - not just as fans and players but also as coaches, employees, administrators, decision makers and leaders.

CAFE has established itself as the leading voice on access and inclusion within sport. We work closely with stakeholders right across the game - from the grassroots to the boardrooms - to spread our message of #TotalAccess.

We have also continued to develop a strong relationship and understanding with UEFA, as Corporate Social Responsibility core partners. We are continuing to change society through sport, across Europe and beyond.