Supporting national associations and DAOs to work and communicate effectively.

Since being commissioned by UEFA to deliver the Disability Access Officer (DAO) project, CAFE has worked to raise awareness of the role and some of the common responsibilities that a DAO may have.

Since then, CAFE has delivered a dedicated Disability Access Officer training package for 15 different national associations.

The initial training took place in Germany, followed by sessions in Switzerland, Iceland, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Estonia, Portugal, Slovakia, Kosovo, FYR Macedonia, Scotland, Moldova and Armenia.

An additional session, featuring CAFE’s bespoke Disability Inclusion and Etiquette Training (CAFE DIET) package, was delivered in Liechtenstein in June 2018.

The training also often includes presentations by local disability NGOs, disabled fans and their groups (DSAs) and national disability access consultants. Established DAOs from other countries have also attended training sessions to share their own experiences.

Over 540 participants have received the CAFE Disability Access Officer training package since September 2017, helping to raise awareness of the DAO’s position and offering support and solutions to some of the common issues that may arise in their duties.