For disabled spectators, like all spectators, having clear and unobstructed sightlines of all areas of the pitch is an important factor in making their matchday experience a positive and enjoyable one.

Research from CAFE’s Disabled Fans Survey, undertaken in 2016, has shown that many disabled spectators often prefer elevated viewing areas as they provide a greater overview of the match, better protection from the elements and greatly reduce the risk of being hit by the ball.

The CAFE Guidance Note on Wheelchair User Platforms aims to provide useful information on the provision of accessible viewing platforms within stadia.

It details the required viewing standards within stadia, provides details on what makes a good wheelchair user space and specifications required to make a suitable viewing platform, and illustrates some best practice examples from stadia across Europe.

Download the Guidance Note here.

For further information, please contact CAFE at [email protected] or call +44 (0)203 355 9867.