Information for disabled spectators travelling by car to the Stade de Lyon for the UEFA Europa League Final 2018


Europa League poster

UEFA have advised disabled fans going to the UEFA Europa League final at the Stade de Lyon on Wednesday 16 May 2018, who will be arriving at the stadium via a private car (not via a taxi) at the accessible drop-off point will need to show their match ticket and one of the following pieces of identification in order to gain access to the stadium’s designated drop-off point:


-          disabled parking permit

-          national disabled person’s ID card


This identification is required to gain access to the drop-off only.


Cars will not be allowed to park throughout the game and will have to leave the stadium using the same way as they did to access the stadium.


To allow vehicles to return to the stadium perimeter after the match, the pick-up driver will receive a voucher, which must be presented to stewards prior to their arrival at the stadium before the end of the match.


All pick-up vehicles must come to the stadium at 22:00 (30 minutes before final whistle). It will not be possible for pick-up vehicles to enter the stadium perimeter once the egress phase has begun (as at the final whistle).