CAFE has published an information guide for national associations planning to apply for UEFA HatTrick FSR funding, for projects related to improved access and inclusion.

UEFA’s HatTrick assistance programme is one of the largest solidarity and development programmes ever to be established by a sports organisation.

Since 2004, UEFA HatTrick has made a significant impact on the football landscape in UEFA’s 55 member associations. The programme has helped to build 34 of the 55 national team training centres and 31 association headquarter offices. Up to 60% of the current national stadiums in Europe had a helping hand from UEFA HatTrick, either in their basic construction or in renovation to modernise them and ensure the safety of players and spectators.

In 2016, the UEFA HatTrick Football and Social Responsibility programme was added to the HatTrick scheme. The aim of this programme is to help football associations maximise their positive and minimise their negative impact in the social and environmental area. A growing number of National Associations use the available funding to deliver inclusive strategies and solutions to ensure that football is accessible to all.

CAFE is keen to assist national associations who wish to develop long-term accessibility strategies and improve access and inclusion within their national football framework.

Download the CAFE UEFA HatTrick FSR information guide - Improving access and inclusion for disabled supporters.

The information pack contains a series of suggested activities and projects that national associations can deliver, including internal policies and procedures, taking a lead on projects across their domestic game and projects around improving accessibility at live matches and competitions.

To supplement the information pack, CAFE has also published case studies from two past UEFA HatTrick FSR applicants to show how their projects have helped to improve access and inclusion across the game.

In Russia, funding was used to develop a stadium access appraisal training programe. This has meant that local expertise is now available to advise on how to make stadiums more accessible and welcoming for disabled supporters.

In San Marino, the national association delivered a project to improve the matchday experience at the country's national stadium. In addition to accessible renovations, they also implemented an audio-descriptive commentary service to enable more disabled fans to attend live matches.

CAFE would be delighted to support your national association in applying for the next round of UEFA HatTrick FSR funding, and to provide guidance on how you can make your stadium(s) more accessible. For more information on how you could implement a similar project in your country or to discuss potential collaboration further, please email [email protected] or call +44 (0)203 355 9867.

The UEFA HatTrick V Regulations are available to download from the UEFA website.