Establishing a network of DAOs on Facebook and LinkedIn.

To further support the creation of our DAO network, CAFE has established a Facebook group and a LinkedIn group, and invites DAOs from across Europe to join.

The groups are intended to facilitate wider discussion between DAOs, and provide the opportunity to share ideas, information and best practice examples.

They are also designed to give DAOs the opportunity to ask both CAFE and fellow DAOs any questions. These groups are open to DAOs only.

Keep up with the latest news and activities from the DAO Network Group across all of our social media platforms using the hashtag #DAONetwork.

DAO LinkedIn group 

To become a member of our European DAO group on LinkedIn, follow this link to the group page.

Before requesting to become a group member, it would be helpful if you could add the title of "Disability Access Officer (DAO)" to your job description.

DAO Facebook group

To join our European DAO group on Facebook, please follow this link.