Accessibility Information


The CAFE website has been created with the user in mind.


Each page has been specifically designed to allow for maximum legibility and ease of navigation. Information is clearly presented and accessibile to screen reading software with a clear and easy level of usability designed to suit all. Pages are coded in web standard HTML5 (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) with complementary CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) used to add a basic level of decoration and functionality.

Additional cosmetic enhancements have been added from the JQuery library to non-critical areas of the site.

Although viewing is recommended in the latest version of any modern browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer, compatibility should date back to earlier versions - such as Internet Explorer 7.


Note: Internet Explorer version 6 is no longer supported by Microsoft and is not compatible with certain elements of this site.

The CAFE website has been designed to be:


• simple to navigate


• easy to read and friendly for screen reading software;


• informative, with special attention to news and current affairs from the world of sport;


• fair to supporters and contributors who visit the site.


If you would like further information about how to use your browser to customise this (and any other site), you may like to visit the BBC's dedicated pages on the subject <click here>



For more information about CAFE, or if you require any assistance, please telephone us on (international) +44 (0)20 8621 2405

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