NADS Level Playing Field in England and Wales



NADS weeks of action are familiar to many people throughout football, but this year NADS really wants to get the message across that taking a responsible approach to disability issues is good for the cash registers! The campaign will be run using the following theme:


Good Access = Good Business


This disability awareness initiative promotes the need for an inclusive and equal experience for all fans and brings together clubs at all levels (and it doesn’t just have to be football). 

NADS would really be interested in hearing from you if you have any ideas that can bring the Level Playing Field Weeks of Action to life. 


Here are just a few to think about:

• Set up and run a Disabled Fans Forum with local disabled supporters and associations meeting club officials. Invite a player(s) to attend. Maybe bring in local disabled artists, poets or writers in residence to explore diversity themes. Consider asking them to design a new club DSA logo.
• Promote your local DSA and club disabled facilities through TV/Radio/Press articles. Involve the club press office.
• Photo opportunities – NADS can provide you with our logo to use on promotional material. You can contact Jackie Newing at for the NADS logo. 
• Invite a player from your club to attend an event with disabled supporters or a school assembly at a local SEN school. 
• Arrange for disabled members of your local community to attend an FA football coaching course offering assistance/mentoring if needed.
• Organise a prize giving ceremony for disabled football groups to recognise community achievement.
• Give disabled supporters an informal tour of the club to meet the 'behind the scenes' staff.
• Run a tournament for the local disability teams. Perhaps then present the winner’s trophy to the team at a match at half time.

Download, Level Playing Field Programme Template 2011


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