To gain a better understanding of the impact of the pandemic, and in particular the suspension of live matches, CAFE surveyed over 400 disabled fans and people with long-term health conditions, and their advocates, across Europe.

To supplement this report, CAFE has also published a guidance note on Planning for a Return to Stadia. This document outlines 11 essential criteria for sports authorities to incorporate into their plans for the return of fans, with details and recommendations on how each can be achieved.

CAFE Managing Director Joanna Deagle said, “Our research has highlighted that disabled people are concerned that they will not be included in the preparations for the return to live matches. It is crucially important that accessibility is identified as a key issue in planning, and this is taken as an opportunity to build back better than ever before with a more inclusive, welcoming and safe matchday experience for all disabled fans".

The guidance CAFE has created aims to support the sporting family to ensure that the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on disabled people does not continue to be felt once they are back in the stadiums. A positive dialogue between clubs and their disabled fans is vital, both in removing barriers to an accessible return and also in showing their continued value to their clubs in the meantime.

Download the Impact of Covid-19 Summary Report.