A European Network That Is Making A Difference!


Club CAFE is a network of like-minded supporters and partners; individuals and groups who share our values and support our aims and objectives to provide equal access and inclusion within the game - Total Football Total Access.

The network is open to all and includes:
1.    Disabled fans and disabled fans associations and groups;
2.    Disability NGOs and groups;
3.    Other equality and diversity NGOs;
4.    Fans groups and organisations;
5.    Football clubs and associations;
6.    Individuals, advocates
7.    And key stakeholders within the game and the wider society.

Club CAFE further strengthens the bond and unity amongst Europe’s disabled football fans and their advocates and partners. It provides disabled fans with a support network and provides a platform for others to show their solidarity and commitment to CAFE and its aims to achieve Total Football Total Access.

By joining Club CAFE you agree to:
1.    Support the values, principles and objectives of CAFE
2.    Embrace diversity, equality and inclusion
3.    Promote disability awareness and equal access
4.    Support the empowerment of disabled people as self-advocates engaged at all levels of the game
5.    Promote the removal of the barriers that prevent inclusive access to football as a player, employee, customer or fan
6.    Share good practice solutions to improve access for disabled people
7.    Promote the right of disabled fans to enjoy the match day experience alongside their own fans and friends with inclusive facilities and services
8.    Reject all forms of discrimination on the grounds of disability, age, nationality, race and ethnic origin, religion, gender and sexual orientation (including verbal, written, emotional and physical abuse) within the game and the wider society


Who can join Club CAFE?
1.    Disabled fans and disabled fans associations and groups
2.    Equality and diversity groups and NGOs
3.    Fans groups, associations and trusts
4.    Individuals and advocates including fellow fans and friends
5.    Football clubs, associations, stadium managers, designers and architects, access consultants and all other stakeholders who uphold CAFE’s values


How do I/we join - it’s easy:
1.    Please complete the Club CAFE registration form (see below)
2.    By joining Club CAFE, you agree to CAFE’s aims and objectives
3.    By joining Club CAFE, you reject all forms of discrimination and support equality, diversity and inclusion

About Club CAFE:
1.    Club CAFE is free to join
2.    Club CAFE supporters understand that without good access the basic human rights of disabled people are compromised or removed and their right to expression and freewill immediately becomes more restricted
3.    Club CAFE supporters seek a future where all disabled people are able to enjoy football and to support their team on a match and non-match day
4.    Club CAFE seeks a future where football is truly equal and inclusive to all

Key representatives and equality experts and representatives of national disabled fans associations of Club CAFE sit on the CAFE Advisory Group.

The CAFE Advisory Group exists to provide support and guidance to the CAFE Board of Trustees and the CAFE Management team to ensure that CAFE meets its aims and objectives.


CAFE is a European wide NGO which aims to:
1.    To promote equal access to all European football stadiums and their clubs
2.    To act as accessible stadia advisors and to recognise and share good practice wherever it exists (facilities and services)
3.    To increase disability and access awareness using the special influence of football
4.    To establish a European network of disabled football supporters groups as user-led self-advocates at a local and national level
5.    To enable more disabled people to follow and get involved in football at all levels of the game

'Europe' refers to the 55 member Football Associations of UEFA which extend beyond geographical Europe. CAFE works across this larger geographical area.


To download a copy of the Club CAFE registration form, please click here. The form can be downloaded and emailed back to us at, or printed and completed. Please send printed copies to;

Centre for Access to Football in Europe

No. 1 Olympic Way

United Kingdom


If you require any help in completing the registration form, feel free to contact us.