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Mark Harris

Match: Barcelona V Juventus 12/9/2017

Published: 2/12/2017


Decided to book a 3 day trip to take in the Barcelona v Juventus champions league match on the 12/9/2017 .applied for tickets for my friend in a wheelchair and myself his PA . Barcelona were very quick to reply and sent us an email telling us where to go on the day and the tickets would be waiting for us . Arrived at the ticket office to get the tickets showed them the email and paid for my friends ticket 97euros which was bit of a shock to say the least . Followed directions to access the disabled section which was half way around the stadium not very well marked once in the stadium everything is flat and accessable got to where we were to be only to find the wheelchair spot for my friend was the other side of a concrete pillar to where my seat was so for the whole 90 mins we were supposed to be seperated this is not what we booked to do so i stood up behind him . could not see past the half way line due to the over hang from the above stand and when the supports in front of us stood niether of us could see it was like being in a concrete bunker a very poor experience for a wheelchairs user at the cost of 97 euros which is not cheap. My friend visited this stadium as an able bodied supporter before his accident which was a great experience  now attending as a  wheelchair user the expericence was appaling .

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Derek Howarth

Match: Barcelona v Manchester City

Published: 24/11/2016


We travelled to the Nou Camp on the official supporters trip organised by Manchester City. The coach park was around a 15 minute walk to the stadium.


There were no signs around the stadium to where the accessible entrances were located, but Manchester City’s own stewards were on hand to help direct us to the disabled area.


Once we got here, we discovered we were in the Barcelona end and not with the rest of the City supporters.


The wheelchairs spaces are located at the rear of the lower tier and the view from here was very limited due to the overhang from the tier above and also because of the home supporters, who stood up for the match, so it was difficult to see the game, at times it was just impossible to see the pitch.


The concourses and toilet facilities were located very close to the disabled area.


The access in and out of the disabled area was flat and easy to negotiate. Access getting back to the coach park was more difficult due to the size of the crowds.


Overall, we were disappointed with the Nou Camp and particularly the poor view that we had. We would not visit this stadium again.

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Anthony Joy

Match: Barcelona v Arsenal, 16th March 2016, UEFA Champions Leagye

Published: 18/3/2016


Barcelona v Arsenal

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Anthony Joy

Match: Barcelona v Arsenal, 16th March 2016, UEFA Champions Leagye

Published: 18/3/2016


March.  The month when Arsenal traditionally exit European competition.   History, form and some may say ability (lately) were not on our side but I travelled in a large group of friends to the mediterranean coast to sample some cervesa, tapas, and spring sunshine.   We instead got wind, driving rain and (what is in my opinion) a dated concrete bowl of a stadium that would be more in keeping with a winter's night in Oldham!   This was my 3rd trip to Barcelona in 5 years so we went with the intention of exploiting our relative local knowledge and ensuring we had a good time.  "Messy" is associated with Barcelona and this trip was no different.


Barcelona as a city is pretty good for wheelchair users.   Dropped kerbs in most areas, the metro is nearly all accessible and toilets are in good supply.  The Nou Camp is a stadium that will be, no doubt, on the bucket list of many. It was on mine until 2010 for my first visit.  Having been there 3 times my view has changed (familiarity breeds contempt).   The Nou Camp is a big stadium. But size is one of the only things its got going for it, being a dated mass of concrete in many areas.


Getting there

Our hotel was along La Rambla close to Drassanes metro station on Line 3 (Green).  This was accessible.   Take the metro in the direction of Zona Universitaria.  A single journey is 2Euros.  We got off at Les Corts, but you could also go one further to Maria Cristina.   Its then about a 10min walk to the stadium.  It can be busy after the game getting back to the stations.   We've taken a taxi in previous years back to the centre.


Getting a ticket.

Arsenal sourced our tickets for us, at a cost of £65 for wheelchair & companion.   The travelling support from Arsenal fans are placed in to the gods of the stadium so high you cannot hear them.   We were, as in past years, in the Barcelona home end.


Viewing Area.

This is my biggest problem with the Nou Camp.   The wheelchair viewing area is at the back of the lower tier.   The overhang of the tier above means you watch the pitch through the equivalent of a letterbox.   If you have a particularly high chair, you would have to duck down to see the crossbar at the far end.   One of the selling points of the stadium is the sheer size of it; well you dont get to take that in being placed there.   My companion took my camera to get photos down the front but unless you can walk down steps then you wont get to take it in. 


The fans in front did stay seated for the majority but when they did stand the near goal was obscured. The companion seats are not located directly next to the wheelchair.   Stewards wouldnt let my friend stand, and somewas was sitting in the seat he had allocated. He ended up sitting a block away. Despite complaints, stewards did nothing to solve the situation.



There was a good sized accessible toilet directly behind our block.  It was clean and had a good number of grab rails.  There are coffee, hotdog and baguette stands all along the inner concourse which can be directly accessed by a wheelchair user.  We wanted to leave early to beat the rush so asked a steward where the nearest exit was. He pointed directly behind to a set of steps with a incredibly steep ramp to the left.   There is no way I could have made it up there without assistance.


The Nou Camp is somewhere to tick off, but much like the San Siro in Milan the myth sadly outweighs the reality.

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Match: FC Barcelona video

Published: 11/5/2015


Video published by FC Barcelona on their existing accessible facilities and services, and planned facilities at the new stadium.



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