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Club / Stadium Contact for Disabled Supporters


Fran Bebbington

Telephone number

+44 (0) 870 062 1894 (option 1, option 1, option 1)

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Disabled Supporters Group

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Mark Barber

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Access Information for Disabled Supporters

Getting there and Parking


The closest international airport is Manchester Airport.


The nearest train station is Manchester Piccadilly and the new 3.9-mile (6.3km) section of the Metrolink to Droylsden is now open to the general public, from Piccadilly to Droylsden.


There are a number of frequent buses from all directions to the Etihad Stadium. For more information about getting to the stadium please visit the club website.


Parking spaces are available inside the stadium complex with 111 perimeter car parking spaces allocated to disabled membership holders. In addition, there are 350 spaces in Blue Car Park H and 55 spaces in Blue Car Park G which is located just 250 metres from the stadium.


Manchester City currently have a high demand for accessible parking bays and therefore operate a waiting list based on receipt of the application from supporters for an accessible bay. Disabled Supporters who hold a ‘Blue Badge’ may apply for free parking, subject to availability, on a match by match basis. Supporters will need to supply a copy of their Blue Badge to the club to qualify for free parking. ‘Pay on the day’ parking is available in the stadium car parks and pricing is clearly displayed in advance of entering the car park.


There are drop off points available. Drop off passes can be allocated so that disabled supporters can be "dropped off" as close to their entrance as is possible. 


The club also operates a free shuttle service using buggies to transfer supporters who need extra help from the car parks to the stadium.

Getting a Ticket


Disabled supporters may apply for home and away match tickets by calling the clubs Disabled Liaison Officer on +44 (0)161 444 1894 (option 1, option 1, option 1), by emailing or by visiting the Ticket Office on the first floor of the City Store at the Etihad Stadium.


For more information about buying a ticket please contact the club directly.

Spectator Viewing areas


Wheelchair userThere are 190 spaces available for home-supporting wheelchair users situated all around the stadium ith ground level access to Level 1 or lift access to Levels 2 and 3.


Sightlines are good, seats are sheltered, and there are no obstructed views.


There are an additional 9 spaces for away-supporting wheelchair users situated at the rear of the away section.


The club provides a Personal Assistant ticket and they can be seated adjacent to the wheelchair user.


Blind and partially sightedThere are spaces for blind and partially sighted fans these are in general location. An audio descriptive commentary service is available and there are 1000 headsets on loan, these are available on level 1 and 2.



Deaf hard of hearingThe stadium does have induction loops for deaf and hard of hearing supporters, in level 1 and 2.





Each stand has catering facilities for disabled supporters. All hospitality areas are accessible. Each suite and Platinum Box is fully accessible with a number of wheelchair spaces available within all corporate areas.


There are 30 accessible toilets across all levels. Accessible toilets are also located within their hospitality lounges and suites. All toilets are fitted with radar locks and keys which are available from nearby stewards.



There is an audio descriptive commentary service and an induction loop.


Upon request the club will take steps to provide accessible information on CD, large print and Braille.


Manchester City request that any supporter wishing to bring an assistance dog to a match must contact the Disabled Liaison Officer on 0161 444 1894 (option 1, option 1, option 1) or via email at so that they can ensure the appropriate match tickets are allocated and adequate arrangements have been made.

Useful Publications and Policies


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Have you visited this stadium recently? If so, please share your match day experience by posting your comments in the section below.


Please tell us about your match day experience - what was good, not good or could be improved.


Please upload any photos or any documents that help to explain your match day experience.


Your comments are important and will assist other disabled fans planning to visit this stadium and may help the stadium or club to improve its existing facilities and services. If you prefer, you can also post your fans comments anonymously.


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Michael Igoe

Match: Celtic - champions league

Published: 13/12/2016


I was at the game against Celtic in the champions league. I thought everything about the stadium was excellent, from the transport, entering the stadium and then the viewing area.

Thoroughly enjoyed my time here. Loved my night in Manchester.

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Chris Smith

Match: Man City v Everton, 15/10/2016

Published: 17/10/2016


I hadn't been to the Etihad for a couple of years but was aware that amendments to the disabled platform were in place and indeed positively received.

I have to say the improvements made a big impression on me and City must be applauded for the facilities now in place for diaabled away fans.

The first thing you notice entering the stadium is that concourse isn't as crowded. This might be aided by away fans now accomadated in three tiers but in any case I didn't have too much difficulty finding my way around.

There are two ramps leading up to the viewing platform. The platform itself is spacious and holds around 10 wheelchair bays. The companion seats are adjacent to the wheelchair bays and the view is excellent too.

I can't comment on the toilet or catering facilities as I didn't require either during the time I was there. But the viewing platform is excellent and scores a 9/10 from me.


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Amy Wilson

Match: Manchester City v Everton - 13/01/2015

Published: 14/1/2016


I have been to the Etihad Stadium every season since Manchester City moved there, I have always been of the opinion that considering the ground is so relatively new, the visibility and the design of the away disabled area could be much better. In my previous visits to this ground, I have always encountered some kind of difficulty in seeing the pitch at times and with general space on the platform. I arrived at the stadium last night expecting to have similar problems, oh how wrong I was! Manchester City have made significant changes to disabled area in the away and they have made such a difference.

There are now two new raised areas in blocks 113 and 114 on level 1. These platforms are accessed by ramps from the concourse. The platforms are much more spacious for the wheelchairs to move around compared to the old platform. PA's now have seats next to wheelchair bays and not against the back wall. But the best thing about the new platforms is the view, even with fans standing up from the seats in front, the elevation of the platforms is such that the wheelchair supporters still have a clear, unobstructed view of the pitch.

It looks as though the elevated platforms have been put in certain parts of the home end as well, Manchester City deserve a lot of credit for making these changes which have helped to improve the match day experience for disabled supporters.

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Rebecca Hoggett

Match: Manchester City vs Everton 2013

Published: 3/3/2015


This was my first ever away game, which my and my dad were really looking forward too. We could not believe when we got to the ground,  especially considering all the money City have and that the ground is so new, that the wheelchair bays are really poor. I didn't have a clear view of the pitch because of fans standing up in the seats below the bays. I have sat pitchside in the Park End wheelchair area at Goodison Park and have never had problems with obstructed views like I had at Manchester City, I found this very disappointing as I did not expect it to be like that at all and I found it hard to follow what was happening on the pitch, particularly at the goal nearer to us. Luckily Everton's goal was not at this end and I could see this clearer.


The area where the wheelchairs were placed felt very cramped too, there was not  the space for wheelchairs like I am used to at Goodison Park, so getting to and from this area to go to the kiosk and toilets was a little difficult as there is not only the other wheelchair users to get past but their carers as well who were seated on the back wall, this again seemed odd to me as I am used to having my dad sit next to me at Everton's home games, not behind me. My dad could not see well from his seat, so he stood next to me for most of the game, a lot of the other carers did this as well. There were a lot of police and stewards who seemed to be standing behind us for the entire game too and they got in the way when I was trying to move. 


As great as it was to finally go to an away game,  I did not really enjoy it as much as I was expecting to because of the problems I have mentioned above especially the view. My dad felt the same as well and he is not sure that he would go back to that ground again if we were lucky enough to get a ticket.


Thank you,



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Amy Wilson

Match: Manchester City v Everton

Published: 10/12/2014


The second photo shows when the people in front hadn't returned back for the start of the second half, though other fans were standing up, the view was much better as no one was directly in front of the platform.

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Amy Wilson

Match: Manchester City v Everton

Published: 9/12/2014


For a relatively new stadium the view from the away disabled area could be better, when fans stand up in front, the view from the elevated wheelchair platform is severely obstructed. Although it is possible to see the far end of the pitch, it is quite hard to see the goal nearest the away end. If the first couple of rows of seats where cordoned off so no fans where allowed there, this would really help improve the view for the wheelchair users. The first photograph shows the view when all the fans were standing and then the second shows when the people in front hadn't returned back for the start of the second half, though other fans were standing up, the view was much better as no one was directly in front of the platform. Access to the toilets can be a bit tricky as have to get through the crowds gathering on the concourse especially at halftime. The two toilets are locked by a RADAR key, no stewards were nearby these toilets with a key, fortunately I had my own on me on Saturday. The away coaches are parked opposite the away end exit, so not far to go to get back to these. 

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