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Getting there and Parking


Kiev has two main airports - Boryspil has links to many international destinations, and the smaller Zhulyany is more domestic though with some overseas destinations.


There is an extensive train and metro system in place in Kiev with many destinations.


At the stadium, there are 70 accessible spaces for disabled supporters. These are located around 100m away from the stadium entrance.

Getting a Ticket


For ticketing information, please contact the club directly.

Spectator Viewing areas


Wheelchair suerThe stadium has 105 spaces for wheelchair users, and adjacent seats for Personal Assistants. Seats are located in sector C of the Lower level, and can be severely obstructed by the covering Upper level.



Blind and partially sghtedThere is no specific seating areas for blind and partially sighted supporters, who can sit anywhere within the stadium. Audio descriptive commentary is not being provided, and only the lifts have braille or tactile print. Personal Assistants tickets are not provided for.


Deaf and hard of hearingThere is no induction loop system at the stadium, and deaf and hard of hearing supporters can sit anywhere. Urgent messages will be displayed on the big screens.



Ambulant disabledThere are no easy access seats in the stadium for ambulant disabled supporters.





Refreshment kiosks are available near to the dedicated disabled seating areas, but are not fully accessible.


There are 16 accessible toilets for supporters to use. These are located in all areas of the stadium and are equipped with grab rails and low sinks. Toilets are not always monitored by stewards, and do not require a key to gain access.



As part of CAFE's disability awareness project in Poland and Ukraine around UEFA EURO 2012, an audio descriptive commentary service was delivered to blind and partially sighted supporters in the stadium.


For more information on the accessible services available, please contact the club directly.

Useful Publications and Policies


Pour plus d’information, se référer  à “Accès pour Tous”- le Guide des Bonnes Pratiques de l’ UEFA et du  CAFE pour la Création d’un Stade Accessible et  l’Expérience d’un Jour de Match, disponible ici en 13 langues différentes.




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Match: Димамо Київ

Published: 2/3/2015


Finally someone does something hot for trips to the stadium with people invalidnistyu I notcould Even on a dream) transceivers surprised that information to help get to the stadium. I'm still nekorystuvavsya these services but will try. Scheb do parafan club at Dynamo Kyiv in general was would be great. I know that already started to create new parafan club Dynamo Kyiv is in general supper, I thank everyone who is working for people with invalidnistyu can smoothly get on Ukraine stadium and cheer for your favorite club

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Віталій Пчолкін

Match: Динамо - Ріу Аве

Published: 22/1/2015


Welcome! What can I say - football is cool! And be able to freely attend matches of your favorite team, moving in a wheelchair - it's just marvelous !!!


I have been to many games as Ukrainian Premier League and the national team, and will enjoy the atmosphere in the stadium where tens of thousands of people chanting in unison "di-MO ON" or "Glory UKRAINE!" And from these words shake the whole stadium ...


NSK "Olympic" has always been a hallmark of certain sports Kyiv, and after reconstruction was also testimonials. Unfortunately, I can not say I'm pleased with the show in places for people in wheelchairs, because for the second tier is not always visible field. Looking at how the fans in wheelchairs attend matches at other stadiums do not understand why this place are meaningless here. Another point is unpleasant rise to special places - it in good weather can leave one, not to mention the rain or cold ...


By the way, if you really chilled, and the last match was exactly as you can well bask in the toilet for people with disabilities - there was installed near the heater which is very warm (at half-back run). However toilets are always closed and the key to open it you need to contact the stewards, and they are responsible find. Most crucial is close, but sometimes this "search" lasts longer break ... but the toilets are very clean always, at very nice!


And parking for people with disabilities - is unclear where he is, no one knows the stadium.


Overall, despite these shortcomings, attending football can and most importantly - NEED! Two free tickets (people with disabilities +) only available at the box office upon presentation of a certificate or a photocopy.


I do not advise you to go to NSK "Olympic" without escort, although there willing to help enough ...


As you can see in the photo behind the stadium - is the central sector and it is very well visible.

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Платоненко Владислав

Match: Динамо:Порту

Published: 28/10/2014


I liked to visit one of the stadiums kraschyyh NSK Europe Olimpiyskomu, many impressions, the atmosphere of the stadium, yes and no when your favorite team plays, what could be better, perhaps Move, but Dynamo / Port Kyiiv Dynamo lost but I was overwhelmed emotsiii on I visited the stadium and did not pay attention to it, very much like a structure that would helped people with invalidnistyu attend matches at the stadium and Country Club as parafan at Dynamo Kyiiv thank everyone who is working on this and help to attend matches at stadiums

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Match: Димамо Київ

Published: 21/10/2014


Nareshtі though htos schos robit for pohodіv on stadіon s іnvalіdnіstyu people, I mean even TAKE nemіg mrіyati) receiving zdivuvala іnformatsіya scho up care to the potrapiti on stadіon. I Pokey shte nekoristuvavsya tsimi Hotel Ale sprobuyu. Scheb zrobiti Para club Dynamo Kiev at bulob general Chudovo. naskіlki Meni vіdomo scho vzhe rozpochali stvoryuvati Novi club Dynamo Kiev Para tse general supper, Dyakuyu vsіm hto pratsyue over Tim dwellers people s іnvalіdnіstyu could not pereshkod potraplyati on stadіonni Ukraine that vbolіvati for svіy ulyubleny club

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