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Os aeroportos internacionais ficam em Edimburgo e Aberdeen. O Aeroporto de Dundee fica nas proximidades e tem conexões limitadas para a Inglaterra.


Todas as outras seis cidades escocesas — Edimburgo, Glasgow, Stirling, Dundee, Aberdeen e Inverness — têm boas rodovias de acesso a Perth. A estação ferroviária de Perth tem serviços regulares para Edimburgo, Fife, Dundee, Aberdeen e Glasgow, bem como trens para Londres. Há, também, muitas rotas de ônibus para Peth, e o Megabus serve a cidade.


No estádio, está disponível estacionamento para cadeirantes. Os lugares devem ser reservados com antecedência, e há monitoramento por fiscais no estacionamento em dias de jogo. Há um declive íngreme no estacionamento principal, e a entrada do estádio fica a, aproximadamente, 20 m de distância.

Getting a Ticket


Spectator Viewing areas


Wheelchair user

Há 20 lugares para cadeirantes, torcedores do time da casa. Eles ficam no East e West Stand, em posições elevadas. Mais 10 lugares para torcedores do time de fora podem ser encontrados no West Stand. Os assistentes pessoais, tanto dos torcedores do time da casa como dos do time de fora, podem sentar-se atrás do torcedor.


Blind and partially sighted

O estádio permite cães-guia, e haverá tigelas de água disponíveis se solicitado com antecedência. O clube empresta 10 fones de ouvido com áudio de comentário descritivo, disponíveis na bilheteria. Os assistentes pessoais podem sentar-se junto ao torcedor.


Deaf or hard of hearing

Torcedores com deficiência auditiva podem sentar-se em qualquer lugar do estádio, e os assistentes pessoais podem sentar-se junto a eles. Os fiscais não são treinados em linguagem de sinais (libras).



Ambulant disabled

Assentos dedicados com espaço adicional podem ser arranjados se solicitados com antecedência, no momento da compra dos ingressos. Esses assentos ficam no North e West Stands, e os assistentes pessoais podem sentar-se junto a eles.



Há quiosques de refrescos com balcões baixos no estádio. Eles ficam a cerca de 20 m da área de assentos para torcedores portadores de deficiência e um serviço de garçom está disponível.


Há 4 banheiros para portadores de deficiência no estádio, localizados no East e West Stands e na área de hospitalidade. Os banheiros são visivelmente sinalizados, monitorados por fiscais, e equipados com barras de apoio, pia e maçanetas baixas. O mobiliário é claramente perceptível em relação à parede e o chão.



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Para mais orientações, consulte aqui o guia «Acesso para todos - Guia de boas práticas da UEFA e do CAFE para a criação de um estádio e de uma experiência de dia de jogo acessíveis», disponível em treze línguas.



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Janis Wilson

Match: St Johnstone V Hibs

Published: 15/11/2017


We travelled by car. As away supporters, our home club could not provide us with a car parking space. I phoned St Johnstone very late (the day before the match) and they made huge efforts to magic a space for us in their fully booked car park. When we arrived later than planned due to traffic, the steward recognised that it would be a tricky journey from our allocated space and directed us to a much handier space.


External signage to wheelchair area in the away stand was not obvious but this wasn't an issue on our visit as the stewards told us which 'turnstile' to go by (there was a door next to the turnstile for disabled access). No lift or stairs to negotiate as the stadium is on a slope so going in at ground level meant straight through to viewing area which was effectively about 10 rows above pitch level.


You passed the loo on the way to our seats. It was clearly signposted, clean, spacious with grab rails and for once at a football stadium hot water. The automatic soap dispenser was a bonus!


Beverley from the club was incredible. She went out of her way to get our car parking organised. There was a bit of a problem on the day around seating for personal assistants as the away wheelchair spaces were full and some of the wheelchair bays had been given to PAs to use. Beverley came round in person to arrange a temporary solution and promised to arrange a contingency plan so this situation didn't happen in future.


It was a pleasure to go to a ground where wheelchair access was easy and for once there was a good view of the game. Only downside was the lack of space for PAs right next to wheelchair spaces (and if you need a PA you need them beside you) and the fact that although we were given a ticket for a specific bay number the stewards allocated them on a first come basis! But on the day of our visit this seemed to have happened to many other able bodied away ticket holders too for some reason. 

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Alan Dickson St Johnstone

Match: N/A

Published: 3/6/2013


Away Support:
In April 2011 the club opened a new wheelchair facility for away fans in the north end of the West Stand. Access to these ten positions is entirely on the level and there is a disabled toilet close by. The wheelchair supporter is admitted at a cost of £13 and the carer, who will be allocated a seat in the row behind the wheelchair area, will be admitted free of charge. Booking of wheelchair spaces on a game-by-game basis should be done as early as possible in the week prior to the match. Please contact our Ticket Office on 01738 455000 to do this.

Please note that this area of the main stand is not always open as the ''general area'' for away supporters and so there may be occasions when wheelchair away fans are the only supporters in this area of the ground. However, we shall always ensure that the area is properly stewarded and that help is given in providing toilet and refreshment facilities.


19/07/2011 15:48:50

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William Paterson Rangers Fan

Match: N/A

Published: 3/6/2013


I had the pleasure of sampling the new facilities at St Johnstone recently. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw where they were located as I had mistakenly thought they were located in the stand behind the goal. I prefer to watch the match from the side if possible. The only snag was the food kiosks were downstairs but in this case that seems a bit trivial because I''d far rather congratulate St Johnstone for their endeavours and hope that some other clubs will follow their lead. In my opinion after Tynecastle, St Johnstone is the second best away ground to visit.


11/05/2011 15:43:34

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