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L’aeroporto internazionale più vicino è l’aeroporto John Lennon di Liverpool, che si trova a 16 chilometri circa dallo stadio. Dovrebbe essere facile trovare dei taxi.


La stazione ferroviaria di Lime Street si trova a 3 chilometri circa da Anfield. Si può prendere un taxi da Lime Street o un autobus dalla vicina stazione degli autobus di Queen Square. Nei giorni di partita, si può usare la Merseyrail per raggiungere il servizio Soccerbus dalla stazione Sandhills.


Per maggiori informazioni su come arrivare ad Anfield, consultare il sito web del Club.


Nel parcheggio per auto Stanley Park, vicino all’entrata disabili dello stadio, ci sono circa 15 spazi per disabili. L’accesso è generalmente in piano, la tribuna principale ha una rampa corta. Nei giorni di partita, nel parcheggio ci sono steward che forniscono assistenza.



Getting a Ticket


Per maggiori informazioni sull'acquisto dei biglietti contattare direttamente il club

Spectator Viewing areas


Wheelchair users

Nel Paddock Enclosure, ci sono 92 spazi per tifosi di casa in sedia a rotelle. Ci sono ulteriori 8 spazi per tifosi ospiti in sedia a rotelle. Gli spazi sono riparati e a livello del campo. Per gli assistenti personali ci sono spazi situati immediatamente dietro.




Ci sono chioschi di ristoro accessibili con banconi abbassati. È disponibile anche un servizio su ordinazione assicurato dagli steward.


Ci sono 6 servizi igienici accessibili per i tifosi di casa e 1 per i tifosi ospiti, tutti con steward dedicati.



È disponibile un commento audio descrittivo.

Useful Publications and Policies


Per un'ulteriore guida, consultare l'opuscolo "Accesso per tutti", la guida alle buone pratiche della UEFA e di CAFE per la creazione di stadi accessibili e  esperienze di trasferta, disponibile qui in 13 lingue.

Ingresso accessibile

Ingresso accessibile

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Area posti a sedere accessibili

Area posti a sedere accessibili

Servizi igienici accessibili

Servizi igienici accessibili

Visuale dall’area accessibile

Visuale dall’area accessibile

Area posti a sedere accessibili

Area posti a sedere accessibili



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Amy Wilson

Match: vs Everton

Published: 6/4/2015


I really dislike visiting this ground for various reasons, the main reason being that I am in the home end. Not being with your own supporters is bad enough at the best of times but when it is a derby game it is even worse. I am always very conscious of celebrating any goals we score there and try not to celebrate if I can. I know that after Everton's injury time equaliser this season, some comments were made to some of the Everton disabled supporters and stewards told some of the carers to stop celebrating and sit down. This is unfair on away supporters who have no choice but to sit in the home end because the club don't provide facilities in the away end.
The view from the pitchside wheelchair bays isn't that bad but it can be blocked if you are in one of the bays were a steward is sitting directly in front of you. Stewards often walk past during the game too and extra stewards are pitchside towards the end of the game which causes the sightlines to be blocked. The space is very tight in the bays and the front apron is very tight, it is really hard for wheelchairs to get past other wheelchairs to go to the concourse or the disabled toilets especially if it is an electric wheelchair. Carers are meant to sit on the row behnd the wheelchairs (despite there being seats next to the wheelchairs) my carer always manages to squeeze into the seat directly behind my wheelchair so he can help protect me if the ball comes at me, he wouldn't be able to do this if he sat where he is meant to sit. Some carers who do sit in their designated seat have to get up and down during the game to help assist the wheelchair user to pass them food/drink or just to speak to them to check they are ok etc. Carers should always be sat next to the wheelchair user in my opinion so that they can assist the person they've attended the game with quickly and easily.

I have never been able to get myself a drink before the game or at half time as there is just no way I can get through the crowded concourses. Even if could get through safely, I don't think I would still be able to get served as I don't think there is a low level counter. 

The two disabled toilets in the Anfield Road end are for both home and away supporters to use so there is always a queue. One of these toilets is really quite small, my wheelchair just about fits in to it, but most electric wheelchair do not. So in effect there is only really one fully accessible toilet for both sets of disabled supporter to use comfortably.

I have been going to Anfield since December 2002 and in that time nothing has improved for the away disabled supporter at this ground.

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Heart of Midlothian Disabled Supporters Club

Match: Europa League

Published: 3/6/2013


On 31st August 2012 Heart of Midlothian visited Liverpool in the Europa League.

Six wheelchair users and their PA's made the journey to see the match along with wheelchair users who support Motherwell and Dundee who had always wanted to see Anfield.

The overall opinion of those who attended that night was mainly negative. Stewards were very helpful an the atmosphere was terrific. However the view was pitch side behind the goal and open to the weather.Thankfully it was not raining that night. There was no available accessible parking and away fans had to share an area with home fans. Surely a club as big as Liverpool could have an inclusive away area? At half time an official of the HDSC asking for access to the wheelchair area to view all the Scottish wheelchair user fans together for the SDSA web site however was refused despite repeated requests from the fans.


14/02/2013 20:59:56

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