CAFE Disability Access Officer portal


In June 2015, the UEFA Executive Committee approved new Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play regulations, which included a provision requiring clubs to appoint a dedicated Disability Access Officer (DAO).


Article 35bis of the UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations states;

1) The licence applicant must have appointed a disability access officer to support the provision of inclusive, accessible facilities and services.

2) The disability access officer will regularly meet and collaborate with the relevant club personnel on all related matters.


UEFA has commissioned CAFE to implement the DAO role across its 55 member states, including providing training sessions and establishing a network of DAOs to share best practice examples.


The CAFE DAO portal is designed to collate important information for Disability Access Officers and about the DAO criterion, and provide the opportunity for DAOs to discuss access and inclusion with their peers.


The portal may also be useful for national associations and their national Disability Access Officer coordinators, as well as a range of other key stakeholders.


For further information, please feel free to contact CAFE DAO Project Manager Jochen Kemmer at

Disability Access Officer handbook

Download the Disability Access Officer handbook

Available in English, French, German, Russian, and now Croatian and Hungarian


To support the development of DAOs at football clubs and national associations across Europe, UEFA and CAFE have published a dedicated Disability Access Officer handbook.


The Handbook begins with a foreword from UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin, who asks footballing stakeholders, “In the spirit of Total Football, Total Access, and with the help of this Disability Access Officer Handbook, please join us in our efforts to make football fully accessible for all”.


The DAO Handbook outlines a number of the key responsibilities that a DAO should undertake in order to improve access and inclusion at their club. It provides useful tips and case study examples of existing DAOs from across the UEFA region, which illustrate the scope of the role and the potential impact it can have in ensuring an equal game.


The Handbook is available to download in English, French, German and Russian.


A number of national associations have also translated the Handbook into their own languages. The Croatian Football Federation (HNS) has made the Handbook available to download in Croatian here, and the Hungarian Football Federation (MLSZ) has made the Handbook available to download in Hungarian here.

Disability Access Officer training in Moldova

DAO training workshops

Supporting national associations and DAOs to work and communicate effectively


Since being commissioned by UEFA to deliver the Disability Access Officer (DAO) project, CAFE has worked to raise awareness of the role and some of the common responsibilities that a DAO may have.


CAFE DAO Project Manager Jochen Kemmer joined the CAFE team in July 2017, leading on our works around promoting the roles and responsibilities of the Disability Access Officer.


Since then, CAFE has delivered a dedicated Disability Access Officer training package for 15 different national associations.


The initial training took place in Germany, followed by sessions in Switzerland, Iceland, Israel, Russia, Ukraine (delivered by CAFE Eastern European Development Officer, Esther Jones Russell), Italy, Estonia, Portugal, Slovakia, Kosovo, FYR Macedonia, Scotland, Moldova and Armenia.


An additional session, featuring CAFE’s bespoke Disability Inclusion and Etiquette Training (CAFE DIET) package, was delivered in Liechtenstein in June 2018.


The training also often includes presentations by local disability NGOs, disabled fans and their groups (DSAs) and national disability access consultants. Established DAOs from other countries have also attended training sessions to share their own experiences.


Over 540 participants have received the CAFE Disability Access Officer training package since September 2017, helping to raise awareness of the DAO’s position and offering support and solutions to some of the common issues that may arise in their duties.


To find out more about CAFE Disability Access Officer training workshops, please click here.

Disability Access Officer in Germany

DAO in focus

Case studies from across Europe


Each month, the DAO in focus section will feature an interview with a different Disability Access Officer talking about their role.


The DAO in focus section is designed to showcase the great works of many DAOs across Europe, as well as to provide some ideas for other DAOs that they may wish to implement at their own clubs. If you would like to take part in a DAO in focus article, please contact Jochen Kemmer at and we can share a sample questionnaire with you.

Access for All cover


Useful documents and publications for DAOs


To assist DAOs in their role, CAFE has compiled a number of documents and publications that may help Disability Access Officers across Europe.


Access for All


The UEFA and CAFE Good Practice Guide to Creating an Accessible Stadium and Matchday Experience - 'Access for All' mirrors the typical stages of a matchday. The guide contains important information as to the minimum standards of accessibility a stadium should have, based upon its size and capacity. The guide has dedicated sections on matters such as accessible parking, entrances, amenities and seating areas, and offers clear practical solutions how to implement these changes at your stadium. 'Access for All' can be downloaded in 14 languages here.


Total Football Total Access to Work toolkit


In addition to our works in promoting an accessible and inclusive matchday, CAFE also works to ensure that disabled people have the opportunity to work in the football industry. In partnership with UEFA's Captains of Change programme and the Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU), CAFE created a toolkit to change perceptions and remove stereotypes of disabled people as potential employees.


As part of the project, the FFU carried out an assessment of their headquarters and improved access as required. They employed two disabled interns, who became important members of staff at the federation.


The toolkit can be downloaded here.


CAFE matchday evaluation form


CAFE has also published a matchday evaluation form, making it easier for disabled fans to share their matchday experiences and for DAOs to receive useful feedback. The form contains questions on arriving at the stadium and the experience at the stadium, with disabled fans having the opportunity to add as much detail to their answers as they like. The matchday evaluation form can be downloaded here.


CAFE disability awareness and etiquette handbook


In order to provide disabled people with an inclusive welcome, both on matchday and non-matchdays, CAFE has created a disability inclusion and etiquette training package. Please contact CAFE if you would be interested in receiving this training. To supplement this, we have also created a disability awareness and etiquette handbook, outlining how best to communicate with a range of differently disabled people. The handbook can be downloaded here.


CAFE DSA information pack


Another important resource for DAOs is the CAFE Disabled Supporters Association (DSA) information pack. DSAs are an important tool in promoting access and inclusion across a club, and a user-led pan disability group can have a huge impact on empowering your disabled fans. The information pack can be downloaded here.




Please feel free to contact CAFE for any further information or guidance notes.

CAFE ball

CAFE templates

Sample documents, policies and publications to support DAOs and national associations


The following template documents have been created by CAFE to support national associations, clubs and DAOs in implementing the Disability Access Officer criterion.


These templates are intended to serve as a starting point for your own documents, and you may choose to tailor these to suit your own requirements.


If you have any questions or queries regarding these documents please feel free to contact us.


- Example Disability Access Officer job description
- Example Disability Access Officer National Coordinator job description
- Example stadium access information survey (also available in French, German and Spanish)


Further templates will be added to this section in due course. If there is a specific template document you require, please contact us.

DAO Facebook group

European Disability Access Officers group

Establishing a network of DAOs on Facebook


To further support the creation of a network of DAOs, CAFE has established a Facebook group and invites DAOs from across Europe to join.


The European Disability Access Officers group is intended to facilitate wider discussion between DAOs, and provide the opportunity to share ideas, information and best practice examples.


The group is also designed to give DAOs the opportunity to ask both CAFE and their fellow DAOs any questions that they may be unsure of. The group is open to DAOs only, and you can become a member by clicking here.


If you have any questions regarding the European Disability Access Officers group, please email Jochen Kemmer at

DAO exchange meeting in Saint Petersburg

DAO exchange meetings

Sharing best practices and experiences across Europe


CAFE has fostered a number of exchange meetings with DAOs across Europe. Using the unique opportunity of clubs being drawn against each other in UEFA competitions, CAFE has introduced DAOs to their counterparts to share best practice examples and ideas.


During the 2017-18 season, CAFE facilitated these meetings at four different matches involving representatives from some of Europe's biggest clubs, including Barcelona, Chelsea and Borussia Dortmund.


Meetings have generally included a tour of accessible facilities and services available at the host club, as well as discussions on current activities and projects, work with external stakeholders and how DAOs have overcome challenges in their roles.


Other topics discussed have included potential stadium renovations and rebuilds, the impact of legislation in different countries and the importance of working with disabled fans.


You can find out more about DAO exchange meetings here.