CAFE Week of Action 2014 report published


Prematch ceremony at Shakhtar Donetsk

The CAFE team is delighted to announce that the 2014 Week of Action summary report has been published and is now available to download.


To build on the success of the UEFA EURO 2012 Respect Inclusion – Football with No Limits project, CAFE is currently delivering a 3 year legacy initiative in Poland and Ukraine. As a part of this, CAFE hosted its first ever Week of Action – ‘Total Football, Total Access’ – which ran from 13th-21st April 2013 in both countries. The campaign was an overwhelming success and exceeded all expectations, and so a second campaign was planned for 5th-13th April 2014 to build on the previous year’s triumph.


This campaign, which was supported by football’s governing bodies in the region, again invited football clubs and fans groups to celebrate improved inclusion within the game and aimed to promote the accessible facilities and services being provided on matchdays for their disabled supporters. A host of activities took place at football stadiums across Poland and Ukraine.


Overall, the second CAFE Week of Action provided a solid platform for our works in the region, creating significant media interest. This included articles and stories broadcast on national television and club TV channels, in news and sport publications and websites, and on football club and disability websites, along with associated journals and matchday programmes.


Many clubs were eager to either follow up their events from last year’s campaign, or to take part for the very first time. The success and media attention garnered by the 2013 campaign made the Week of Action an attractive and viable option for clubs to join in and celebrate good access.


The first two CAFE Week of Action – ‘Total Football, Total Access’ – campaigns have been resounding successes and we are delighted with their impact. CAFE is again planning to repeat the Week of Action campaign next year in Poland and Ukraine, and is looking at the possibility to extend the campaign to other countries in Europe. CAFE believes that the Week of Action can and should become an initiative which is ‘owned’ by our local partners and stakeholders to ensure continuing progress for years to come.


Further, CAFE believes that this initiative could be rolled out more widely across Europe so that it can act as a motivator and launch pad for European football clubs and stadiums to make further improvements, so by ensuring that many more disabled people can attend live sports and other cultural events in the future.


There is still a lot of work to be done in the region, but great strides have been taken and the situation continues to improve. We believe that the Week of Action has provided an opportunity forour stakeholders in Poland and Ukraine to celebrate their achievements and has additionally motivated them to extend their commitment to this important topic in the years ahead. CAFE is dedicated to continuing its critical works in Poland, Ukraine with the on-going support of UEFA and in cooperation with our partners in the region.


To download the CAFE Week of Action 2014 summary report, please click here (PDF).