As a successful applicant of the CAFE Week of Action small grants programme, Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association (LDSA) took part in a number of activities in celebration of #TotalAccess, with the full support of the Liverpool FC Foundation.

The LDSA held a virtual cooking night for its members, with gourmet burgers and Easter eggs on the menu. The event was held via zoom, with over 250 adult and junior members in attendance.

The evening started with professional chef and LDSA member Mama Lynn showing all of the children how to decorate their Easter eggs, which was very popular amongst the younger audience! 

Two young LDSA members decorate their Easter eggs.

The participants were then taken through a step by step guide on how to make a nutritious homemade gourmet burger from scratch using fresh local ingredients.

One of the gourmet burgers made by a LDSA member. The burger is placed on a red plate alongside some homemade coleslaw and features a gherkin held in place by a skewer.

LDSA provided all of the food and Easter eggs, and the night was accompanied by family fun, music, and dancing.

This was the latest virtual event held by the DSA, with the support of the Liverpool Foundation. The two organisations had previously partnered to organise a pizza making night.

Speaking on this year's Week of Action event, Ted Morris, Secretary of the LDSA said, "We are extremely grateful to CAFE for supporting us with this event as we continue to support our members through the pandemic and lockdown restrictions."

One of the LDSA members who attended the virtual event commented, "Thank you so much to the LDSA for the virtual cooking, it was so much fun. We've all had a very difficult time over the past year so it was great to see the kids laughing and enjoying themselves. We can't wait for the next event!"

A young LDSA member with their decorated Easter Egg.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Ted and the Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association for their support during the CAFE Week of Action 2021, and their continued efforts to improve the experiences of all disabled fans.

The CAFE Week of Action small grants programme offers funding to disabled supporters and DSAs to participate in the CAFE Week of Action. Grants of up to €250 were available, subject to a successful application to CAFE. A similar programme will be made available ahead of the CAFE Week of Action 2022. 

The CAFE Week of Action 2021 summary report will be published in due course, with information for the 2022 campaign to be published later in the year.

For more information regarding the CAFE Week of Action, the small grants programme or any of the accessibility services mentioned above, please contact the CAFE team at [email protected]

Disabled supporters and DSAs in England and Wales can also visit Level Playing Field for further advice, guidance and support.

Published 15/4/2021