As a successful applicant of the CAFE Week of Action small grants programme, Everton Disabled Supporters Association (EDSA) took part in a number of activities in celebration of #TotalAccess, with the full support of Everton FC. 

Everton DSA took to social media to celebrate the CAFE Week of Action as they organised a competition for their members and beyond, to win a framed shirt signed by Brazilian star Richarlison. To enter into the competition, fans were encouraged to share their favourite photographs and stories of attending live games along with the hashtag #WhatGoingTheMatchMeans.

The shirt - Everton's third shirt - was launched back in August 2020 with members of Everton in the Community's various disability teams involved in the kit reveal. This marked the 20th anniversary of Everton in the Community's Disability Programme, which in the past year alone engaged more than 1,200 disabled people in opportunities including sport, education, training and volunteering.

With over 30 entries received and many meaningful personal stories shared, the DSA had a difficult decision to make when it came to deciding the winner.

Thankfully, news of the competition had been shared across a number of networks including Everton FC's official social media accounts, which led to another Everton fan site offering to buy a shirt to be used as prize for second place. 

Towards the end of the Week of Action, the decision was made that Shaun and Noah were the two winners. It is fair to say that they were delighted with that result! 

Young Everton fan with their signed and framed Everton shirt won in a competition. Young Everton fan with a new Everton shirt won as part of a competition.

Speaking on the competition, EDSA member Sean McGeever said, "We are so pleased by how the competition was received among fans and members. We hope it helped people, especially our members who have found lockdown difficult, and that it reminded everyone why going to the match is special, particularly for disabled fans. We can't wait to all be back at Goodison Park soon."

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Sean and the Everton Disabled Supporters Association for their support during the CAFE Week of Action 2021, and their continued efforts to improve the experiences of all disabled fans.

The CAFE Week of Action small grants programme offers funding to disabled supporters and DSAs to participate in the CAFE Week of Action. Grants of up to €250 were available, subject to a successful application to CAFE. A similar programme will be made available ahead of the CAFE Week of Action 2022. 

The CAFE Week of Action 2021 summary report will be published in due course, with information for the 2022 campaign to be published later in the year.

For more information regarding the CAFE Week of Action, the small grants programme or any of the accessibility services mentioned above, please contact the CAFE team at [email protected]

Disabled supporters and DSAs in England and Wales can also visit Level Playing Field for further advice, guidance and support.

Published 10/5/2021