As a successful applicant of the CAFE Week of Action small grants programme, Disabled Supporters Association (DSA) Alle Zusammen - voran 03 took part in a number of activities in celebration of #TotalAccess, with support of local Club SV Babelsberg 03 in Germany.

Alle Zusammen are a very active DSA, and they ensured that the CAFE Week of Action was celebrated in style despite restrictions on attending live fixtures.

Instead, the group turned their attention to social media, posting regular content across Instagram, Facebook and Vimeo.

This includes the Azv03 CAFE Week of Action campaign video, which outlined their support for the initiative and is available to view online.

These online activities generated interest from across the region, as well as outside of Germany. Disabled fans of SAS Epinal, who play in the French Championnat National 2 league, heard of Azv03's involvement and created the below banners to show their support for the campaign.

four fans holding up a couple of blue and yellow banners with #TotalAccess on one and SAS Epinal Fans on the other. They are all looking at the camera and smiling.

On 11 March, a virtual meeting around access and inclusion took place between Alle Zusammen and the Disability Access Officer (DAO) of FC St.Pauli who play in the German second division, Bundesliga 2.

Alle Zusammen members also took part in a virtual workshop, involving the designing of stickers around the theme of inclusion and #TotalAccess. These stickers were subsequently printed and sent to the participants. There are plans to make these stickers available from the club store. 

Alle Zusammen stickers featuring the DSA logo

Speaking on the DSA's numerous activities, campaign coordinator Bastian Schlinck said, "The CAFE Week of Action is a great opportunity for us to increase our visibility and to gain support for our cause of #TotalAccess both locally and across Europe!"

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Bastian and everyone at Alle Zusammen - voran 03 for their support during the CAFE Week of Action 2021, and their continued efforts to improve the experiences of all disabled fans.

The CAFE Week of Action small grants programme offers funding to disabled supporters and DSAs to participate in the CAFE Week of Action. Grants of up to €250 were available, subject to a successful application to CAFE. A similar programme will be made available ahead of the CAFE Week of Action 2022. 

The CAFE Week of Action 2021 summary report will be published in due course, with information for the 2022 campaign to be published later in the year.

For more information regarding the CAFE Week of Action, the small grants programme or any of the accessibility services mentioned above, please contact the CAFE team at [email protected].

Published 5/5/2021