The UEFA Europa League Final 2019 will take place in Baku, Azerbaijan, on 29 May, and travel advice for fans wishing to attend the match has been published.

You may be required to present a valid visa when entering Azerbaijan. A list of nationalities where a visa would be required can be found here, and nationalities that are exempt from requiring visas can be found here.

In case you are required to apply for a visa to enter Azerbaijan, you can check whether you are eligible to apply for an e-visa. Passport holders from 95 countries can find out if they are eligible to apply for an e-visa here.

You can apply for an e-visa to enter Azerbaijan at

The only document required for an e-visa application is the scanned data page of a ticket holder’s passport. Please note that in the “Purpose of visit” field of your e-visa application, you should select “Europa League Final”.

An e-visa to enter Azerbaijan is valid for 90 days, with 30 days permission to stay in the country. An e-visa has a single entry status.

The state fee for a standard e-visa is 20 USD. An additional 3 USD is charged as a service fee for processing an electronic visa application. ASAN VISA is not responsible for any additional bank charges.

Payment operations can be made only using Visa, Mastercard and Unionpay.

It is strongly recommended to apply for and receive your e-visa by 15 May 2019.

Passport holders from other countries should contact [email protected] or visit to obtain detailed information about getting visa to enter Azerbaijan.

If you are a passport holder of one of the countries the visa-free regime is applied to, then you are exempted from a visa to visit Azerbaijan.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

Following a request made by UEFA, Azerbaijan has amended the current e-visa system to abolish the requirement of HIV or hepatitis confirmation.

More information on this amendment can be found here.

Ahead of the UEFA Europa League Final 2019, CAFE will be publishing a detailed Disabled Spectators' Guide for disabled fans wishing to attend the Final. The Guide, which will include information on local public transport, routes to and from the stadium and access inside the stadium, will be available shortly via the UEFA and CAFE websites, and CAFE's social media channels.

For more information, please contact CAFE by email to [email protected] or call +44 (0)208 065 5108.

Published 23/04/2019