Football fans from Qatar are urged to apply for an exciting and unique opportunity to commentate live inside the stadiums at the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

After the success of the first version of the Football Commentary Training Programme, Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s (HBKU) Translation and Interpreting Institute (TII), in partnership with the Centre for Access to Football in Europe (CAFE), will be hosting a second version of the football commentary training programme to provide an opportunity for selected candidates to deliver the service at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

The sessions, delivered in English and translated into Arabic, will prepare participants, who don’t need any prior commentating experience, to deliver Arabic commentary at the tournament.

This intensive training programme will be held at TII premises, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, in Doha. Training will continue until the end of October 2022, ahead of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, kicking off in November 2022.

To register for the training, please complete the online form.

Training is free of charge, and will be delivered to small groups, between 3:50pm – 7:00pm from Sundays to Thursdays.

  • Sunday, July 17, 2022- Thursday, July 21, 2022, 15:50 - 19:00
  • Sunday, July 24, 2022- Thursday, July 28, 2022, 15:50 - 19:00

Applicants must submit a 60-second audio recording of themselves commentating over a football game of their choice, in Arabic. Candidates will be admitted to the training on the basis of their overall aptitude for commentating. Applications will not be judged on the quality of the audio recording, i.e. no professional recording is required.

Accepted trainees will be organised into small groups and expected to attend face-to-face intensive training. This intensive part of the training will be followed by practical assignments and short face-to-face assessment sessions.  

Trainees will progress through three assessment phases to successful completion (each assessment will take around 30 minutes), thus gaining access to the possibility of being selected to take part in an opportunity to deliver audio-descriptive commentary (ADC) at the coming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

If you have any questions, please contact at [email protected] or 44540326. Alternatively, you can contact CAFE by email to [email protected].

Published 22/6/2022