In the build-up to this season's CAFE Week of Action, our partners UEFA have taken action to streamline the process for disabled fans to purchase tickets for its tournaments and club competition Finals.

Since 2009, CAFE and UEFA have worked together closely to improve accessibility to live football for all disabled fans. We are committed to a matchday experience that is accessible, inclusive and welcoming for all supporters.

Disabled supporters applying for accessibility tickets to UEFA tournaments and Finals are required to upload proof of eligibility as part of their application. This is to ensure that tickets for disabled fans are not abused by non-disabled supporters, or end up in the hands of people who do not need them.

Previously, proof would need to be uploaded every time a disabled fan applied for tickets. Through the new accessibility ticketing procedure, proof will only need to be uploaded once and the applicant will be validated for all UEFA ticket sales.

That proof, if acceptable, will qualify the applicant for to apply for any accessibility tickets they wish until its expiry. At this point, disabled fans will be able to reupload a new proof of eligibility.

Disabled fans can upload their proof of eligibility at any time via the UEFA Ticketing Portal. To support disabled fans in doing so, CAFE has produced a short 'how-to' guide which can be downloaded from the CAFE website.

CAFE's Fans Liaison, Access and Administration Officer, Amy Wilson, said, "#TotalAccess doesn't just mean physical access and wider availability of accessible services, but an inclusive experience at every step of the matchday journey. This includes purchasing accessibility tickets, and the new procedure will make the application process significantly more convenient for so many disabled fans".

The first opportunity for disabled fans to use the new procedure is live now - accessibility tickets for the UEFA Nations League Finals in the Netherlands are on sale via the UEFA Ticketing Portal until 14:00 on Thursday 16 March.

Published 13/3/2023