UEFA Football and Social Responsibility invited its partners to Nyon to discuss plans and preparations ahead of UEFA EURO 2020.

The tournament, kicking off on 12 June 2020, will be taking place across 12 different European countries for the first time ever.

The UEFA Football and Social Responsibility (FSR) unit organised and hosted the workshop, and also invited key UEFA departments including Ticketing, Signage, Smart and Active Mobility, Spectator Services and Communications to ensure disabled spectators are considered across all areas in the lead up to the tournament.

Managing Director Joanna Deagle represented CAFE at the meeting, and was also joined by colleagues from Fare Network, Healthy Stadia and Colour Blind Awareness.

The four partners in attendance provided an update on each of their works ahead of the tournament, and how they will be working with UEFA to ensure that UEFA EURO 2020 is accessible, inclusive and welcoming for all. Lessons learnt from UEFA EURO 2016 were discussed with an emphasis on the need to ensure adequate sightlines from all accessible viewing areas during UEFA EURO 2020.

FSR partners also had the opportunity to meet UEFA EURO 2020 ambassadors David Trezeguet, Peter Schmeichel and Luis Figo.

Joanna said, "Given the logistics around the tournament, UEFA EURO 2020 poses a number of unique challenges but also provides many great opportunities. UEFA and CAFE are committed to making sure that disabled fans across Europe enjoy a wonderful celebration of football".

"We would like to thank UEFA FSR for their ongoing support and commitment, and we look forward to working together to achieve our shared goals", added Joanna.

For more information on UEFA EURO 2020, please click here.

Published 25/03/2019