The first Think Tank for Sport conference took place in Poland on the 15th April. Think Tank for Sport promotes universal sport. "We explore, inspire and support development of sport for everybody." This was the key note at the conference, alongside the promotion of sport being health beneficial.

Think Tank in direct translation means "box of ideas". It is a space of exchange, co-creation and inspiration of ideas and solutions in the area of universal sport.

The main aim of Think Tank is to create a space for dialogue, which will help with working out know how in the field of sport management and will become a bridge between sport and different fields of public life. As CAFE, we would like to raise awareness about accessibility of sports events, total access to infrastructure and offering the sport event experience for disabled people.

Main partners of Think Tank for Sport are: National Stadium in Warsaw, Foundation of Development of Physical Education, V4Sport organisation and Social Project 2012.

We keep our fingers crossed for further information and activity and support the Think Tank for sport goals. Zuzanna and Maria were delighted to attend as CAFE representatives.

A version of this article is also available in Polish.

Published 18/04/2013