The CAFE team is delighted to launch our new branding, which includes a new logo, updated website look and a realigning of our goals and objectives.

Since 2009, CAFE has worked with UEFA and other key stakeholders to harness the unique power of live sport to make the wider society more accessible, inclusive and welcoming for disabled people.

CAFE logo with strapline Sport, Accessibility, Inclusion, for disabled peopleAs our works have developed, we have taken the decision to refresh our styling and reaffirm our commitment to improved accessibility within the sporting sector.

Following a consultation period with disabled fans, Disability Access Officers, UEFA and other partners, our new branding reflects our position in working to represent disabled people within sport as we look towards the future of accessible sporting venues.

Our new strapline represents our key areas of focus, highlighting that everything we do and work towards is to support disabled people in enjoying live sport alongside their fellow fans in an accessible and inclusive environment.

We have also published an updated mission, emphasising our approach in removing the barriers that can prevent disabled people from taking their rightful places within the sporting sector and the wider society.

CAFE Media and Communications Manager Michael Rice said, "We have carried out an extensive review of our branding, including looking at which areas of our works people did and did not relate to. We are confident that our updated look and vision reflect our ultimate goal - a world where disabled people are a key part of the global sporting landscape, as fans, employees, volunteers and leaders, so that everyone has equal opportunities to contribute in an accessible, inclusive and welcoming environment".

Please note, if you do not see the new-look CAFE logo and website design yet you may need to clear your internet browser cache and cookies.

For more information, or to request the new CAFE branding assets and guidelines, please email [email protected] or call +44 (0)208 065 5108.

Published 16/11/2020