A Member of Scottish Parliament (MSP) has called for Scottish football clubs to improve their accessible facilities and services for disabled fans

Mark McDonald has written to all 12 of the Scottish Premiership clubs, as well as Scottish Championship sides Hearts, Hibernian and Rangers, to highlight the benefits of making their stadiums more accessible.

Mr McDonald said it was vital for other Scottish clubs and stadiums to follow the example set at Murrayfield, where a Changing Places toilet has recently been installed.

A Changing Places toilet is larger than a typical accessible toilet, and gives more space for disabled people who may require assistance. It will also usually have such features as a bench, a hoist and space to change into different clothes.

Mr McDonald said, "The current (accessible) toilets, while fine for many, are simply not enough for those people with more complex difficulties. Football clubs seriously need to have a look and see if they can install these facilities, to ensure people can have a much more relaxed and enjoyable experience".

Some clubs have already been receptive to Mr McDonald's letter. The Director of Operations at Ross County, Peter Swanson, said, "At present we have (accessible) toilets and space for changing, also allocated space in one of our boxes, by arrangement, for someone who cannot be outside in the designated disabled areas... As a club embedded in the community, we are well aware of the need to ensure that wherever possible all sections of our community can access and enjoy football and the matchday experience".

Published 03/02/2015