The CAFE Week of Action 2016 - Total Football Total Access - has been celebrated across Europe and beyond, and the initiative has received widespread support in Scotland.

In raising awareness around access and inclusion, the Scottish Football Association (SFA) has shared information about the CAFE Week of Action amongst its clubs via its internal communications.

The Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) also offered its support to the CAFE Week of Action 2016 - sharing their support via their official social media channels.

Additionally, SPFL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster also issued a statement in support of the initiative. Neil said, "The Scottish Professional Football League is pleased to give its full support to the Centre for Access to Football in Europe’s (CAFE) Week of Action 2016. We know our member clubs undertake a huge amount of work to promote access to SPFL matches for all and congratulate them on these ongoing efforts".

The Scottish Disabled Supporters Association (SDSA) also published a statement of support on its website.

The SDSA works to improve access and inclusion in Scottish football, and their statement said, "The Scottish Disabled Supporters Association is pleased to offer its support to CAFE and its Week of Action 2016 by sharing this statement with our membership. We are joining with other stakeholders across Europe in promoting the message of access and inclusion for all – Total Football Total Access".

Activities have also taken place at club-level in Scotland, with Dunfermline Athletic FC's disabled fans using the opportunity to revive it's existing disabled supporters club (DADSC).

A statement was published on social media and in the Dunfermline Athletic FC matchday programme, saying "Disabled people constitute the largest of minority groups. Over one billion of the world’s population are disabled, a figure that will increase year on year. A high number of disabled people are also football fans and both DAFC and DADSC are pleased to take this opportunity to thank our own disabled supporters for their continued support and loyalty".

CAFE would like to thank all of our stakeholders in Scotland who joined us in celebrating Total Football Total Access, and we look forward to a continued cooperation in ensuring disabled people can take their rightful place within the game.

Published 12/04/2016