CAFE Western European Development Officer Keith Ferguson recently travelled to the Netherlands, where he visited the home of Vitesse Arnhem – the Gelredome. Many disabled people in the Netherlands decide to live in Arnhem as it boasts very good accessible facilities.

Vitesse’s DSA, Roller Side, has been running for a long time and has a strong relationship with both the supporters and the club. They try to attend every Vitesse game, home and away. For those away trips, the DSA has recently got rid of its fleet of small vans, replacing them with a new coach that has room for up to ten wheelchair users as well as many other non-wheelchair spaces. In the picture below you will see Raymond Klassan and Dick Cochius, two wheelchair users who represent Roller Side. They are joined by Vitesse’s Leo van der Vleit, Keith and Dick’s PA Nani. You may also spot a UEFA EURO 2000 mascot from when the Netherlands co-hosted the tournament with Belgium!

We would like to congratulate Roller Side on their efforts and wish them the best for the future.

Published 08/11/2011