Responsiball will be holding a Forum on Sport and Refugees in Lausanne, Switzerland, on 8 November.

The event, hosted by AISTS, will bring together key stakeholders from across sport and the wider society to discuss how sports organisations can contribute to the integration of refugees though sport in Europe.

Responsiball is an online platform supporting and showcasing responsible football clubs working in harmony with communities and the environment.

Responsiball's two main aims are to showcase good practice in governance, community development and environmental stewardship, and to support a community of practitioners who want to connect with others, share good practices, compare and progress.

A number of key speakers have confirmed their participation in the Forum already, including representatives from UEFA, Fare, CEO Scort Foundation and Terre des Hommes International Foundation.

The Responsiball Forum on Sport and Refugees is a great opportunity to discuss current good practices involving sport and refugees, hear firsthand accounts from experts, practicioners and refugees, and to network and meet like-minded individuals.

To visit the Responsiball website, please click here.

Published 15/08/2018