The Polish Football Association (PFA) has released a series of videos to train matchday stewards on how to better communicate with disabled fans.

The videos will form part of the PFA’s new stewards training package, which will be released in the near future. A project team was assembled in February 2014 to update the package, with CAFE playing an active role.

One of the key aims of the project team was to ensure a more inclusive level of stewarding at football matches in Poland. The ultimate goal of the training package is to raise the standard of stewarding at football matches in Poland, providing a better quality of service on matchdays.

Dedicated videos have been created to give specific advice on how to communicate with wheelchair users, partially sighted and blind fans, and deaf and hard of hearing fans. CAFE coordinated the production of these videos, and we would like to thank the disabled fans who volunteered their time to take part.

CAFE Project Coordinator in Poland Weronika Paszewska said, “It has been a pleasure to support the PFA in developing the disability module of the stewards training package. We are delighted to be able to publicise these videos and raise awareness of the subject, and we look forward to developing our strong relationship with the PFA”.

Every year, more and more disabled fans are attending live football matches in Poland. CAFE believes that this updated training package for stewards will greatly help to improve the experience of disabled football fans across the country.


Please see the embedded videos below,

A version of this article is also available in Polish.

Published 20/08/2014