The Minister for Equality in Gibraltar, Samantha Sacramento, has established a working group to discuss access and inclusion at the planned new National Football Stadium.

Sacramento said, "Football is a very popular sport, both internationally and locally, it brings together a lot of people, families and friends. There should, therefore, be no barriers for disabled people to also enjoy this sport, first hand, inside a stadium".

Gibraltar Football Association (GFA)  project managers have been in discussions with CAFE regarding the proposed new stadium, and how to ensure that all disabled people will enjoy an accessible, inclusive and welcoming experience in line with 'Access for All'.

Under Government policy in Gibraltar, all new building projects are required to be accessible, and this will be a legal requirement for all buildings developed and refurbished.

"It is absolutely vital for us that accessibility and inclusion figures prominently at the planning stages of this National Football Stadium", added Sacramento.

CAFE is delighted to be part of the project and is looking forward to working with the GFA and the Minister for Equality. Colour Blind Awareness will also be involved in the working group, ensuring that the new stadium design is suitable for colourblind people.

Published 05/07/2017