On 5th April, Miedź Legnica hosted the Polish opening ceremony of the 2014 CAFE Weeks of Action – ‘Total Football, Total Access’.

Prior to the match, a presentation was made with a large CAFE banner. The stadium announcer spoke to the crowd about the importance of good access and inclusion, and the players entered the field accompanied by disabled mascots all wearing CAFE-branded t-shirts.

At half time, Legnica mayor Tadeusz Krzakowskiego was presented with the CAFE special award on behalf of the stadium, in recognition of the work done to improve access for disabled fans. The presentation was made by CAFE Project Manager in Poland Zuzanna Ziajko.

Martyna Pajączek, the President of Miedź Legnica, said, “A lot of positive changes in attitude towards disabled people has occurred recently at Miedź Legnica FC. I really appreciate club’s activity in this field. Our aim is to overcome the barriers and make all Miedź matches accessible for all supporters, I’m happy that this has been recognised in Poland”.

CAFE would like to congratulate Miedź Legnica on the positive steps that they are taking to improve access for disabled fans, and we look forward to hearing many more success stories in the future!

Miedź Legnica have published two videos featuring highlights of the event and promoting their accessible facilities and services. Please see the videos (in Polish) below.


A version of this article is also available in Polish.

Published 10/04/2014