On Tuesday 24th May Level Playing Field Chair, Joyce Cook OBE and General Manager, Ruth Hopkins gave evidence to the Culture, Media & Sport Select Committee on accessibility of sports stadia.

The Select Committee inquiry is examining the issue of accessibility at sports stadia, in relation to the full range of sports.

Joyce Cook spoke about the need for better access saying that, 'no one expects this to happen overnight, but it has taken 20 years' and that 'clubs need to at least meet their own minimum standards' as well as 'increase their disability and access awareness'.

She said that popular opinion favours the need for improved accessibility saying that 'the majority of (non-disabled) fans are so on our side' adding that 'if there is ever a moment in time to make this right, it's now'.

On Wednesday 25th May the Culture, Media & Sport committee will hear further evidence from Justin Tomlinson MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Disabled People, Department for Work and Pensions, and Nick Pontefract, Head of Sports, Department for Culture, Media and Sports.

Published 26/05/2016