UEFA has advised disabled fans attending the UEFA Champions League Final that an additional accessible drop-off / pick-up point is now available.

The Final, taking place at Atletico Madrid’s Metropolitano Stadium, kicks off on Saturday 1 June at 2100 local time.

In addition to the principle accessible drop-off / pick-up point at P SUR B, as advised in the CAFE Disabled Spectators Guide to the UEFA Champions League Final, a secondary accessible drop-off / pick-up point will be available at Plaza de Grecia. The stadium entrances are approximately 800 – 900 metres from this point.

Disabled spectators arriving at either of the accessible drop-off points will need to show their match ticket and one of the following pieces of identification in order to gain access:

-          disabled parking permit

-          national disabled person’s ID card

This identification is required to gain access to the drop-off only.

Cars will not be allowed to remain parked at either points throughout the game, and will have to leave the stadium using the same way they did to access the stadium.

To allow vehicles to return to the stadium perimeter after the match, the pick-up driver will receive a permit. This permit must be presented to stewards prior to their arrival at the stadium, before the end of the match. Permits will be given out by parking stewards upon a vehicle’s arrival at the drop-off points.

All pick-up vehicles must come to the stadium at 22:15 (30 minutes before final whistle). It will not be possible for pick-up vehicles to enter the stadium perimeter once the egress phase has begun (at the final whistle).

For further information, please refer to the CAFE Disabled Spectators Guide to the UEFA Champions League Final.

Published 31/05/2019