My brother and I have been football fans for fourteen years. When we learned that Ukraine will host UEFA EURO 2012, it became our dream to get to this historic event.

We were thrilled to get tickets for Ukraine v Sweden, which took place at the Olympic stadium in Kiev. When we were driving to Kiev, all of the cars around us had Ukrainian flags, and it was like we were in the blue and yellow sea. We felt like it was a great festival for Kiev and the whole country. When we reached the stadium, the highlight of my entire life began.

The first thing that struck me was the huge number of people - I’ve never seen so many people in one place before. Then we went to the underground parking area, and I felt like I was in some fantastic movie. The stewards were very friendly and polite, and regularly asked if we needed any help. I was very pleased. After the parking area we went by lift to the front of the stadium. My brother and I saw the stadium, and we were overwhelmed with emotions. It was so huge and beautiful; it really looked like the main arena of UEFA EURO 2012. We walked around the stadium, bought souvenirs and took pictures. Everyone was friendly and smiling, and it felt absolutely perfect.

I’m very grateful to the people who did so much for disabled fans to be able to be part of this fantastic feast.  We went inside the stadium, and when I saw the pitch I realised that my dreams had come true. I was watching the stadium becoming filled and felt happy. The opening ceremony was amazing, what a show!

When the Ukrainian team came to the pitch, the stadium exploded like a volcano. During the national anthem I felt that we were all together. The game began, and the players were so close to us that we almost played together with them. After the match, they came up to our stand to say hello.

When we left the stadium, it was shining like a diamond. It was beautiful. I will never forget this day and these emotions; I will keep this unforgettable atmosphere for the rest of my life.

Published 21/06/2012