The CAFE Week of Action 2016 is spreading the message of Total Football Total Access across Europe and beyond, and Germany's national disabled supporters group has offered its support for the initiative.

Bundesbehindertenfanarbeitsgemeinschaft (BBAG) has posted a statement of support on its website, outlining their commitment to improved access and wider inclusion.

Disabled people are the largest minority group in any population and the CAFE Week of Action 2016 is a celebration of equality, allowing disabled people to take their rightful place within the game.

BBAG's statement says, "An estimated 500 million disabled people around the world have never been to a live sporting event or other public event. BBAG is therefore pleased to support CAFE and CAFE Week of Action 2016 with this declaration".

CAFE would like to thank BBAG for their ongoing support and cooperation.

Published 06/04/2016