General Director of Dynamo Kiev Rezo Chehonolidze recently donated 11 branded T-Shirts of Dynamo to members of DSA Vimi Levy.

The Vimi Levy DSA has passionately supported Karpaty Lviv for the last five years, and members of the DSA have attended all home matches in this time. They have also visited seven other cities to watch their team play.

Head of DSA Virni Levy Taras Koncevich said that Rezo Chehonolidze “is always very friendly” whenever Kaparty Lviv play against FC Dynamo. On this occasion “we asked whether we could get a player‘s T-shirt a after the game. But he offered to send 11 T-shirts by mail’. True to his word, Mr Chehonolidze sent the t-shirts in the post. 

On 9th April 2014, CAFE Project Coordinator in Ukraine Oleksandr Ostapa presented Vimi Levy with the Ukrainian Disabled Supporters Association (DSA) Award as part of the 2014 CAFE Week of Action. Vimi Levy are eager to continue their good work and are already looking at how they can retain the award next year. The DSA's active membership and participation has paid off and they have expressed their thanks to Rezo Chehonolidze for the presentation of the t-shirts. 

We look forward to hearing more about their activities and further achievements throughout the year.

A version of this article is also available in Ukrainian and Russian.

Published 23/10/2014