The Integrasa non-govermental organization in cooperation with People Against Racism (Ludia proti rasizmu) will organize, within the Unite Against Racism Eastern Europe Development Programme, the Football Tournament of Friendship with “Respect the diversity as a fiend” as its motto.

The event will take place on 4 June 2011 (Saturday) in Budatinska Street in Bratislava-Petrzalka, Slovakia (at the elementary school’s sportground). The tournament will be held under auspices of the Mayor of Petrzalka – Vladimir Bajan.

The tournament is the successor of a series of friendly football matches between Romas from Bratislava and policemen from Bratislava’s police departments which were organized last year by Integrasa with the aim of making the trust between Roma and police officers stronger.

Karol Richter (Integrasa) said that football is a good means to bring people closer to each other: "The Football Tournament of Friendship is based on the idea of mutual tolerance,fight against hate, racism and violence. The first year is being held under the auspices of the Mayor of Petržalka Bajan. We believe that the tournament will fulfil its goals and we lay deep grounds so that it can successfully continue in the years following".

Teams participating in the tournament:
The team of Roma football players under the auspices of Integrase, the Old Boys of Slovan and Inter Bratislava football clubs, our mixed team DIFFERENT COLOURS UNITED led by the Ambassador of People Against Racism and the FARE Alias Lembakoali, the Military Eecutor's Office team, the Bratislava 1 District Police Department team, the team of , Bratislava administrative region bodies’ team and the Bratislava V Tax Office team.

Respect to diversity will be shown during the Football Tournament of Friendship.

Published 20/05/2011