In partnership with UEFA, CAFE launched the first and largest Accessibility in Football survey in 2020 to track progress in access improvements across Europe. This survey closed on Monday 1 March 2021, and CAFE is now beginning analysis of the responses. 

The survey, designed specifically for clubs and national associations, aimed to understand more about the level of accessibility at stadiums across Europe and the steps being taken to improve the situation.

Since 2009, CAFE and UEFA have worked together to ensure disabled people are able to take their rightful places across football, including the opportunity to enjoy live matches alongside friends, family and fellow fans.

There are over 100 million disabled people living in Europe – the largest minority group – and although the situation is improving, a significant percentage of disabled people still feel excluded from attending live matches.

Over 430 clubs from across Europe participated in the survey along with national associations or national leagues from all 55 European member nations. This high completion rate will provide CAFE and UEFA with a clear picture of the current accessibility levels across Europe. 

The results of this survey will highlight where best practice solutions are already being implemented, and hopefully lead to wider awareness of how access and inclusion can be improved. The survey will also help us to support clubs and national associations in long-term planning to make accessibility a key component of wider strategy.

CAFE Project Manager Jochen Kemmer said, "The Accessibility in Football survey is the largest research project of its kind, and we hope that this will raise a wider understanding of the topic across European football. Through the survey, we are looking forward to even greater cooperation with stakeholders across the game, ultimately leading to a more accessible, inclusive and welcoming game for all".

The first CAFE European Accessibility in Football Report will be published later this year.

CAFE would like to thank UEFA, and each of the clubs and national associations that took part in this survey, for their support and cooperation. 

Published 22/02/2021