CAFE Project Coordinator in Poland Weronika Paszewska joined the second meeting of disabled fans at Gornik Zabrze. 

The meeting was organised by both CAFE and Gornik Zabrze. Attendees included club representatives Tomasz Milewski (Security Manager), Bartłomiej Perek (Marketing department) and Jerzy Mucha, who has been appointed as the Football Club Coordinator of the disabled fans group. The meeting was also attended by Marek Krupa, the President of the Socios fan group at Gornik Zabrze. Socios has offered its support to the disabled fans group.

At the meeting, issues discussed included the number of spaces for wheelchair users at the stadium, accessible parking spaces and the future activities of the disabled supporters group. The group has elected two members who will represent disabled fans in discussions with the club.

Bartłomiej Perek from Marketing Department also offered the disabled supporters group, ideas for mutual cooperation, and various forms of marketing support for the new group. This could include meetings with club partners and sponsors, or opportunities to meet the Gornik Zabrze players. Tomasz Milewski agreed to work with disabled fans on the number of spaces for wheelchair users, and made ​​arrangements to create accessible parking spaces at the stadium. These requests will now be addressed to the Board of Directors at Gornik Zabrze.

CAFE supports the creation and development of disabled fans groups across Poland, working towards a national disabled fans group being established. We wish the disabled supporters group at Gornik Zabrze the best of luck for the future and we look forward to hearing of many successes.

The next meeting of the group will be held on 21 February 2015.

A version of this article is also available in Polish.

Published 23/01/2015