Jamie Monaghan has collected the Medal of the City of Paris, known as the Grand Vermeil, on behalf of Republic of Ireland's fans at UEFA EURO 2016.

It was reported earlier this week on the CAFE website that Jamie had been selected by his fellow fans to receive the honour, which had been awarded to the Republic of Ireland fans by the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo.

The medal was awarded to fans from both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland for their "exemplary sportsmanship during the tournament". Northern Irish fan Jim Spratt, of the Amalgamation of Official Northern Ireland Supporters' Clubs (AOINSC), collected the award on behalf of the Green and White Army.

Jamie attended each of Ireland’s four games at the tournament and captured the imagination of his fellow travelling supporters and the French public with his flamboyant wheelchair, which was fully decorated in his team’s colours.

Last week, the Mayor of Paris announced her decision to award fans of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland with a medal to show their appreciation for their commendable behaviour throughout the tournament. Jamie announced that he had been selected to receive the award by his fellow fans on Facebook.

The medals were awarded at a ceremony in the Eiffel Tower Fan Zone, Paris.

Congratulations Jamie - a very worthy recipient of the medal on behalf of his fellow fans.

Published 08/07/2016