Wim de Clerck, a terminally ill Royal Antwerp fan, was celebrated by the club and his fellow fans ahead of their recent match against Patro Eisden.

Wim was a life-long Antwerp supporter and the club arranged for him to come onto the pitch to say goodbye. The fans held up banners bearing his name and they sang 'You'll Never Walk Alone' to honour him.

Having being diagnosed with bladder cancer last September, Wim became terminally ill and was determined to watch his team one last time.

Wim said, "I still have very little time to live. It was very moving. I am happy to have lived this time".

Tragically, Wim passed away just two days after the match.

To watch the touching video of the Royal Antwerp crowd honouring Wim de Clerck, please see below:

Published 16/03/2015