On June 27th 2013 CAFE provided training for the staff at Football Club Lechia Gdańsk and also Bieg2012, the administrator of the arena. Training was provided by Zuzanna Ziajko, CAFE Project Coordinator in Poland and Michael Rice, Project and Fans Liaison Manager observed.

The main goal of the Disability Awareness Training is to increase people’s knowledge and awareness about inclusive design and accessibility for disabled fans in stadia. Participants also receive practical tips about accessibility in their stadium. All CAFE training is specially prepared for the needs of the participants and representatives of stadiums and clubs.

Disabled people constitute for about 15-17% of each population. Being aware of how important inclusive solutions are, is essential for each of us to be able to fully participate in social life. Stadia today are not only places visited by supporters, they are the center of cultural life. Stadia being fully accesible not only benefits disabled people, it can be a benefit for pregnant women, elderly people, injured supporters and so on. It's important to remember about accessibility!

We would like to thank the representatives of FC Lechia Gdańsk and Bieg2012 for their active and engaged participation in the training.

A version of this article is also available in Polish.

Published 28/06/2013