Disability Access Officers (DAOs) from across Scotland came together recently to hold the country’s first DAO assembly meeting.

The assembly was held at Hampden Park – Scotland’s national stadium – and was supported by the Scottish Football Association.

Back in May 2018, CAFE DAO Project Manager Jochen Kemmer provided a training workshop for Disability Access Officers in Scotland and discussed the benefits of such networking events.

At the assembly a number of topics were discussed to look at how DAOs can best operate in Scotland, including accessible ticketing policies, areas of good practice and the appointment of a national DAO coordinator.

Jochen said, “I was pleased to hear about the DAO assembly held in Scotland. This is a positive step that will lead to greater understanding, cooperation and awareness amongst Scottish DAOs”.

DAO assemblies are planned to be held every three months in Scotland, and it is expected that attendance at the next meeting will double due to the number of DAOs currently being appointed by Scottish clubs.

We look forward to hearing more about the DAO assemblies in Scotland, and encourage DAOs across Europe to carry out similar initiatives.

To find out more about the roles and responsibilities of the DAO, please download the UEFA and CAFE Disability Access Officer handbook here.

For more information about the assembly, please visit the Scottish FA website here.

Published 01/08/2018