The message of #TotalAccess has spread to Central America for the first time, with activities held in Costa Rica to celebrate this season's CAFE Week of Action.

Since 2013, CAFE has invited stakeholders from across the game to join us in celebrating the many diverse and important roles that disabled people can play within football - the world's most popular sport. Last season's CAFE Week of Action was celebrated in a record 25 countries.

To mark the CAFE Week of Action 2019, the Costa Rican Football Federation (FEDEFUTBOL) invited players from the national amputee football to share their experiences with the Costa Rica under-17s national side.

Glen Perez, Manuel Solano, Gustavo Molina, Victor Mata, Victor Mendoza and Jonathan Solano, joined by their coaches Harold Villalobos and Jhanny Flores, met with the young footballers at their training camp ahead of their upcoming FIFA under-17 World Cup qualifying matches.

Jonathan said, "I am happy to share my story with them. The purpose of the activity was to show them that we become disabled by mindsets and conditions placed in front of us. Whatever the conditions, the will is power and the sport is always good".

Solano and his teammates recently participated in the Amputee Football World Cup, hosted in Mexico and won by the Angolan side.

Costa Rica under-17s player Aaron Suarez said, "It is a great opportunity to meet people with such motivating stories. Their stories were impressive, and reminded us that whatever we face in life we must always focus on something we love. In our case, that is football".

Initially starting as a European initiative, the global appeal of a game that is accessible and welcoming for all has seen the CAFE Week of Action spread beyond Europe. Activities had previously taken place in Brazil, Canada and the United States.

We are delighted to celebrate Total Football #TotalAccess for the first time in Costa Rica, and we look forward to seeing the CAFE Week of Action spread even further in years to come!

FEDEFUTBOL also published the below video from the event, which can also be viewed externally here.

Published 06/03/2019