The message of Total Football Total Access has spread to Croatia, with a series of activities planned to promote access and inclusion for all.

The Croatian Football Federation (HNS) has issued a statement of support on its website, saying that HNS is "pleased to support CAFE and its Week of Action 2016 under the slogan Total Football Total Access, to raise awareness about the importance of inclusion and improve access to disabled fans to football events.

Additionally, all matches played during the 30th week of MAXtv Prva Liga (Croatia's top league) will be preceded by pre-match ceremonies to celebrate Total Football Total Access. Teams will enter the field carrying a CAFE Week of Action - Total Football Total Access - banner and stadium announcers will read a message in support of the initiative.

HNS and MAXtv Prva Liga are also using their social media channels to raise wider awareness amongst football fans in Croatia.

The HNS statement of support can be viewed online here. MAXtv Prva Liga have also posted their statement of support on their website here.

CAFE would like to thank HNS and MAXtv Prva Liga for their great support, and we look forward to seeing the pre-match ceremonies this weekend.

Published 07/04/2016