The CAFE Week of Action 2016 kicks off on Saturday, and partners across Europe and taking part in activities to celebrate Total Football Total Access.

Since 2013, the CAFE Week of Action has been hosted successfully each season in Poland and Ukraine as part of the UEFA EURO 2012 Respect Inclusion project legacy. Football’s governing bodies, their clubs and disabled supporters groups within the two countries have hosted a range of activities, with more disabled fans attending matches and raised awareness amongst the football family as a result.

The CAFE Week of Action 2016 will see continued activities in Poland and Ukraine, with celebrations planned under the umbrella of Total Football Total Access. Activities will be hosted by our partners in Croatia, Cyprus, France, FYR Macedonia, Germany, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales with interest from other countries of next year’s campaign. The initiatives in England and Wales will take place as part of the Level Playing Field campaign to coincide with the CAFE Week of Action with many clubs keen to celebrate the inclusion of their disabled fans.

Highlights from previous CAFE Weeks of Action have included televised pre-match ceremonies celebrating Total Football Total Access at all Ukrainian Premier League matches and a record-breaking 1005 disabled fans attending a single match in Poland. Additionally, the CAFE Week of Action has seen the creation of disabled supporters groups, the implementation of audio-descriptive commentary services (for partially sighted and blind fans) and disability awareness training of club personnel.

Published 01/04/2016